Yahoo Disables Forwarding, Here Is The Solution

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Yahoo Disables Forwarding, Here Is The Solution

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It seems that users have been flocking away from Yahoo’s e-mail service ever since news broke of a major security issue affecting millions of users accounts. For a company looking for a buyer (at the best possible price) losing large numbers of users is not a good thing! In what is totally unrelated (cough cough) news Yahoo Mail has disabled the automatic forwarding of e-mail. So say for example you no longer wished to use Yahoo as a primary e-mail address you could have setup an account with one of their competitors and then had your old Yahoo mail auto forwarded to your new address? But not any longer, some people have seen this as a desperate attempt by Yahoo to stop the mass migration of e-mail users. Is there a solution to this problem?

Of course there is. Our Easy E-mail Forwarding software was written a long time before most mainstream mail services (including Yahoo, Hotmail etc) supported automatic forwarding. The software is as good now as it was then and can still be used to easily forward e-mail from one account to any number of others whilst also optionally keeping a local copy. The other advantage to using our software is that nobody gets to see your passwords except you, everything is stored (encrypted) on your local PC, you are not entering your details in with any 3rd party provider.

Want to find out more about how you can easily and securely forward on your Yahoo E-mail? Check out Easy E-mail Forwarding

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