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Windows Protected Your PC?

When installing any of our updated software you may see the following warning:- Ironically this is because we’ve made our software MORE secure. Since early 2019 we have started code signing all of our programs. The warning appears because Microsoft want to encourage developers into buying “extra trust” (Yes we can pay extra to have

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Yahoo Disables Forwarding, Here Is The Solution

It seems that users have been flocking away from Yahoo’s e-mail service ever since news broke of a major security issue affecting millions of users accounts. For a company looking for a buyer (at the best possible price) losing large numbers of users is not a good thing! In what is totally unrelated (cough cough)

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Easy Mail Forwarding Gets The SSL Update

Following on from the update to CheckMail, Easy E-Mail Forwarding has now also been updated to make it compatible with the latest hardened web servers. Whilst we did this we fixed several other small bugs and have identified several improvements we’d like to make in the short to medium term. Easy E-Mail Forwarding is STILL

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CheckMail Gmail Updated For Improved SSL Compatability

It looks like Google have been updating the security on some of their GMail servers. What started of as an intermittent issue became application breaking and so we’ve had to release an updated version of CheckMail GMail.

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New Website

We’re working hard to get the new website up and running as quickly as possible.

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