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Easy E-mail Forwarding – Mail Forwarding

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Easy E-mail Forwarding is a simple to use piece of desktop software for the MS Windows platform. In a world where having multiple e-mail accounts is a must EEF allows you to take control of your accounts by forwarding the e-mail that arrives in them to a destination account(s) of your choice. In its simplest form think of it as a way of gathering all your e-mail in one place.

You are probably thinking at this point “But don’t the e-mail services themselves allow the gathering or forwarding of accounts?”. The answer is some do. The problem is that for accounts that “gather” e-mail from other accounts you will be exposing passwords and having them stored on yet another server. And whilst some e-mail services do offer straight forward forwarding it means managing this via multiple web interfaces. Easy E-Mail Forwarding allows you to manage all your e-mail forwarding from one simple to use application, passwords are stored encrypted on your local machine, we really have tried to make this as simple as possible.

One of the most popular uses for our software is to help self employed people manage the work/life balance of dealing with e-mail. The mixing of work and personal e-mail can become a real problem but because EEF runs on your computer it only forwards mail when the computer is switched on. This allows people to have a “dumb” e-mail account for work purposes that isn’t polled by any e-mail clients. However when you are working you can have EEF forward the messages on to a “live” account that is polled.

Another popular usage is local e-mail backup. By ticking this option a complete history of your received e-mail is kept on your computer in plain .eml format.

Mail Forwarding Features

  • Forward From Multiple Accounts
  • Forward To Multiple Recipients
  • All Sender/Recipient Headers Remain Intact
  • Optional Spam Filtering
  • Optional Size Filtering (For Slow Connections)
  • Create A Local Backup Of ALL Your E-Mail In .eml Format

Easy Email Forwarding

Email Forwarding Settings

Email Forwarding Spam Filtering

Email Forwarding Spam List

Easy E-Mail Forwarding has been tested on computers running Windows XP all the way up to Windows 10.1 and across 32-bit and 64-bit versions. There are no usage restrictions, the software is completely free to download and comes with full Windows install/uninstall support.

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