Asteroid Run – For iOS, Android, Windows Mobile & HTML 5 Browsers

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Asteroid Run – For iOS, Android, Windows Mobile & HTML 5 Browsers

Asteroid Run – A game for people who like their mobile games to be simple, responsive and play anywhere! In terms of game play there is little new in our Asteroid Run game, the aim is very simply to survive as long as you can building the highest score possible. Where we have varied from the many similar mobile games out there is to concentrate on making the game as fun as possible by taking out the annoyance of unresponsive and over complicated controls. This has been built entirely with mobile in mind and you absolutely do not need the latest hardware to enjoy Asteroid Run.

Asteroid Run is available to all, native apps are available for Windows Mobile, Android and iOS platforms. If you don’t have a mobile device then the game can be played via Facebook games and a compatible HTML5 browser (in other words any modern web browser). Asteroid Run is 100% free to play and has no in game purchases so no need to worry about your kids racking up huge bills! The aim of the game? Use your finger (or mouse pointer on desktop) to move your ship dodging an ever increasing asteroid field. For every second you survive your score increases and there are bonus points for destroying asteroids. Take out one of the orange explosive asteroids and you’ll clear the screen giving you a short break. As your score builds your ships weapon increases in power until eventually every 25,000 points you start to earn extra lives. The game has been designed to start slow and build in to utter chaos!

Asteroid Run Features

  • Global And Local High Scores – All Mobile Versions
  • Facebook High Scores – Android, iOS, HTML5 Versions
  • Professional Visual & Audio Assets
  • Available To Play Offline
  • 100% Free To Play




Play Asteroid Run On Your Mobile Device

Clicking the following SMART LINK will redirect you to the right version of Asteroid Run for the device you are currently using. If for some reason this fails please use the following links to get the correct version of Asteroid Run:-

Asteroid Run For iOS (iPhones & iPads)
Asteroid Run For Android
Asteroid Run For Windows Mobile
Asteroid Run For Web Browser