GDPR File Shredder – For When The Recycle Bin Isn’t Enough

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GDPR File Shredder – For When The Recycle Bin Isn’t Enough

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The GDPR File Shredder is a simple to use piece of desktop software for the MS Windows platform, tested from Windows XP all the way through to Windows 10. The GDPR File Shredder is for when you really need a file permanently removing from your computer, such as when you are required to be GDPR compliant with customer information.

Most computer users are not aware that simply deleting a file or using the “Recycle Bin” on their desktop doesn’t completely remove the file. All that happens is that the file name is removed from the list of files on your computer and the space it took up becomes available to be used again, whether or not it gets used again is out of your control and until that point it is very very simple for any number of file recovery tools to recover the file and its contents. This is great for a valuable family photo that has accidentally been deleted, not so great in the business environment including privacy compliance! In the world of hard copies it is equivalent to putting the paper in a filing cabinet and hoping that it gets thrown out someday. Our GDPR File Shredder on the other hand is the software equivalent of taking the piece of paper and putting it through a multi-pass shredder and then burning the bits. We have tested its shredding ability with several generally available file recovery tools and to date we’ve not found anything that could recover the file contents*. If a customer asked for information to be deleted then we are confident that our shredding process is an extremely effective way of doing that.

The GDPR File Shredder includes the following features:-

  • Simple Drag & Drop operation
  • Strong one way only multi-pass shredding of the files entire contents
  • Per Windows User based password protection to prevent accidental file loss
  • Per user log files recording all file names shredded/attempted to shred
  • Fully Windows compliant install/uninstall process

GDPR File Shredder - File List

GDPR File Shredder - Shredding In Progress

GDPR File Shredder Log File






The GDPR File Shredder has been tested on computers running Windows XP all the way up to Windows 10.1 and across 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Even so we strongly recommend that all users take advantage of the FREE TRIAL version (Limited to shredding 20 files) before buying a license just to make sure the GDPR File Shredder works on your intended environment.

Download GDPR File Shredder


* – Tested as at January 2019, this in no way guarantees that there isn’t “something” out there being used in law enforcement that can’t recover the data but for general business/compliance purposes we’ve yet to come across anything generally available that could do it. If you find something please let us know?