Easy Mail Forwarding Gets The SSL Update

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Easy Mail Forwarding Gets The SSL Update

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Following on from the update to CheckMail, Easy E-Mail Forwarding has now also been updated to make it compatible with the latest hardened web servers. Whilst we did this we fixed several other small bugs and have identified several improvements we’d like to make in the short to medium term. Easy E-Mail Forwarding is STILL the best way of forwarding mail between accounts without relying on 3rd party servers or exposing recipient account details to the source e-mail service. Everything is controlled via your desktop computer with any passwords fully encrypted.

Easy E-Mail Forwarding actually started life as a completely different application called Get Hotmail, which was the easiest way of reading Hotmail on a Blackberry device. Anybody remember them? In the early days Hotmail didn’t support any open access protocols like POP3 and IMAP (instead using a propriety version of WebDAV) so Get Hotmail was written to forward those Hotmail messages on to more friendly accounts that could be read on any device. Get Hotmail was downloaded over 2 million times in 3 years, made it to the cover disk of PC Pro Magazine as one of the “100 Essential Free Utilities” and won a number of awards. It even created its own micro economy with several people going against the spirit of free software setting up services that essentially did what it did, using it, and charging for it.

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